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Many pessimists will say that Australian auriferous areas have given up all the easy gold, but we continue to hear of exceptional nuggets being "discovered" in well worked areas.This last month alone there were 30 oz and 20 oz nuggets taken from the golden triangle in Victoria, and a rather nice 78 oz nugget taken from the gold fields in the Pilbara, Western Australia, and a 28 oz nugget from near Leonora, W. More and more overseas enthusiasts are visiting this wonderful country and trying their luck.Beef and mutton prices rose to eight pence a pound and before the autumn rains came, water cost up to sixpence a bucket.

There was said to be 500 sly grog shanties on the field at one time.Gold bearing gravels were found on Surface Hill and the White Patch southeast of the Canton.Soon the roar of hundreds of gold cradles rocking the gold through, filled the Ararat valley as the diggers found the Wet Leads which branch from Mullock Bank and the Old Deep Lead at Bridal Hill and extended to Caledonian Lead north of the town."In one instance," wrote the resident Gold Warden "eleven pounds troy of gold was washed from three loads of stuff from the wet lead." In four hectic weeks the population soared to 20,000.We continue to hear of large nuggets being unearthed from sites that have been well worked.Well worked by the original diggers more than a century ago, and more recently by those privateers with their new technically advanced detectors.

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