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Pauling continued delivering these speeches for a number of years, until it appeared that his career in activism might wind down due to the great time demands required by his ambitious program of protein research.

However, after the US detonated the first hydrogen bomb in 1954 and the term “fallout” started to become more commonplace, Pauling’s vigor as an activist returned.

Sto se tice sadrzaja, to komotno mozete da nabijete na k*rac, pre nego sto je to sve objavljeno, lepo je pretreseno i pregledano sta se treba objaviti.

Necete vi naci nista sto vec niste znali, jedino moda nesto sto ne vredi nicemu.

Little did we know that the bomb didn’t just scar our psyches.

Carbon-14 is a radioactive isotope of carbon that is not prevalent in nature – it comprises roughly one part per trillion of all the carbon in the atmosphere – but is a byproduct of nuclear explosions.Although it may not present a significant short-term effect, radioactive carbon that is incorporated into the body will remain there and emit radiation for as long as the organism exists, thus increasing the possibility of health problems both for the affected body as well as its offspring.From Libby’s data, Pauling determined that at the rate that bombs were being tested circa 1958 – which Pauling calculated to be 30 megatons worth of explosions – 74 kg of carbon-14 were released per year.Tako da tamo ima dve vrste podataka (provereno Excel-om), jedna grupa su podaci koji govore o necemu sto vec znamo, a druga grupa podataka su podaci koji ne govore o nicemu ili govore o necem nebitnom.Na primer, ko jede pite, ko ne ispunjava obecanja, ko spava na sastancima, vrlo vazno.

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