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“One guy just clammed up and didnt want to say anything or go anywhere because, in his eyes, I might get hurt,” Allison* says.

“And another guy became very controlling and tried to tell me what I should and shouldnt be doing for my health.

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Jill*, a 33-year-old from New York City, knows that finding Mr.

“Of course it can be painful, but if thats the case, its better to know before you get too involved,” Sussman says.

“Its complicated if you withhold it and they find out too late.

“How you handle this is not something your partner is likely to forget.” Laurie Davis, an online dating expert based in New York and Boston, suggests asking a friend what sounds most intimidating about your condition and getting his or her advice on how to smooth it over.

Getting a second opinion can help you decide how much to say (and when and where to say it), and running through your script a few times can make you more comfortable sharing your story.

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